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Visit us with your club in Salzburg countryside

Perfect for annual meetings, anniversary celebrations and trips

The JOSEF is the ideal location for clubs and perfectly suited for annual meetings, anniversary celebrations and trips. Outside there are sports facilities like an outdoor swimming pool, volleyball court and a big sports field for football. Inside the hotel there are several meeting and leisure rooms including table football, table tennis, cinema screens and smart TVs for streaming and much more. Our group hotel JOSEF offers a suitable setting for every club and every occasion!

Sports Clubs

Great for sports and training camps

Our outdoor area offers a outdoor swimming pool and large sports field and for popular ball sports.

Music clubs

Well suited for music rehearsals and performances

Play music in our hall or open air on our terrace and rehearse for your concerts and performances.

Hobby Clubs

Strengthen your club community with nice experiences

Plan excursions and group activities and have fun with your club!

Voluntary associations

Be proud of your social commitment

Look back on your achievements and plan new projects together.

We are happy to host your club for a group tour.
We look forward to your message!
Our hotel offers a lot of great group activities :
Basketball Basketball
Mountain sportMountain Sports
Table tennis Table Tennis
Smart TV Smart TV
Biking Biking
Disco Disco
We love foreign countries, foreign cultures and foreign languages!

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